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Alpin.kz LLP is a small company that cannot compete with organizations such as Construction and Erection Department and Construction Trust, which implement large projects with the use of special construction equipment.

However, there are quite a lot of different types of metal structures installation that cannot be performed  when it is not possible to use a special equipment or because of the unprofitability of using lifting equipment.


By contacting Alpin.kz LLP company, you can order installation of advertizing billboards and various design structures with the help of rope access specialists.

It is profitable and fast. We erect banners, billboards, signs and any non-standard advertising structures.


Installation and maintenance of outdoor wall mounted air conditioning systems is a standard service provided by Alpin.kz LLP to the townspeople and companies.

If you need to do mentioned above work, just call to our company and you will eliminate the risk of falling down from a height. Simple at first sight scope of work carries the hidden risks that can lead to a fatal issue. Any work at height must be performed by trained professionals equipped with appropriate safety equipment.


Some calendar public holidays can not to be without decorating high-rise city buildings, bridges and various objects. For a better view, all the festive attributes are set at high altitude, sometimes in hard to access places.

And here Alpin.kz LLP Company  professional rope access staff  in the shortest possible time, with proper quality, can execute decoration scope of work so the city would shine with multicolored festive lights and the upcoming holiday spirit would be in the air.


As we all know, not a single construction site, not a single shopping or business center, storage areas and other production and public places can be operated without proper exterior lighting systems. To achieve the required level of illumination of the adjacent territory, parking places, etc., it is necessary to install special lighting devices at the required height.

The most acceptable solution for this is the involvement of Alpin.kz LLP rope access staff, which, in the process of lighting systems and devices installation, will in no way affect the normal, operational functioning of a public place, building or industrial facility, which is today a very important factor when a small obstacle or pass inability, due to the installed lifting equipment, can cause a road collapse.


Alpin.kz LLP specialists  will help to make your life more comfortable,  if necessary, replace the cold glazing of your loggias with a warm one. But if we consider that the multi-storey, high-rise building has already been commissioned, this can be done only with the help of the rope access services.

If you need to replace an insulating glass unit in a window that is located at high altitude, and without performing certain scope of work outside the building this cannot be done, contact Alpin.kz LLP and rope access staff of our company who have vast experience in glass coatings installation  will come to your facility to execute mentioned above work.



Involvement of "Alpin.KZ" LLP  professional rope access staff and high-altitude erecting personnel - is primarily to obtain high-quality services that can reduce the time to complete work by 40%, due to our mobility and fast access to work execution area.



Rope Access is safe, environmentally-friendly and cost effective since no mechanically powered devices are used.

Some of the other advantages are:

  • Reduced security risk
  • Rope access systems are dismantled at the end of each day and there is no risk associated with unattended access equipment and materials
  • Dramatically reduces time-related charges
  • Rope access systems require minimal installation and dismantling time
  • Eliminates mechanical damage to protective coatings
  • Rope access activities do not cause any mechanical damage to the coatings of inspected structures
  • Drastically reduces labor cost
  • The cost of performing visual inspection and Non-Destructive Testing by rope access can be lowered drastically by up to 90%.



«Alpin.KZ» LLP specialists  before the work commencement will hold a detailed cost calculation of rope access services and develop design assignment to be submitted for customer approval, taking into account the level of complexity of work execution at height. This preliminary analysis will help to eliminate any lack in the process of project implementation and to ensure the proper quality of the result.


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