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Cleaning roof from ice, like any work at height, requires special equipment and compliance with safety regulations. Of course, cleaning of flat roofs from snow can be performed by the staff of the company operating the building.

But the execution of the above mentioned works on the slippery slopes of the roofs with the complicted roof structure of modern high-rise buildings is simply impossible without engaging a professional team of rope access staff of Alpin.kz LLP.

Cleaning roofs from snow and ice without special safety equipment can lead to fatal issue because of  fall from the roof. Alpin.kz LLP list of services in the winter period of time, also includes cleaning of ice buil up from the roof. If you have giant overhead ice on the edges of the roof, immediately contact us: we will hang them on separate ropes and gently lower them to the ground, thus eliminating the fall of of ice from a height, as a result of which people can be killed and the windows and building  facade can be damaged.

We offer the operating organizations and building owners to conclude an agreement with Alpin.kz LLP for permanent building maintenance. The list of services will include the following:

  •  regular cleaning of the roof from snow and ice;
  • regular inspection of the building itself and the roof for the need of cleaning and building facade minor repairs;
  • With the presence of Alpin.kz LLP services contract, the maintenance of your facilities will be on the first place during heavy snowfall period, when there is always a shortage of manpower in the city connected to roofs cleaning from snow.



Involvement of "Alpin.KZ" LLP  professional rope access staff and high-altitude erecting personnel - is primarily to obtain high-quality services that can reduce the time to complete work by 40%, due to our mobility and fast access to work execution area.



Rope Access is safe, environmentally-friendly and cost effective since no mechanically powered devices are used.

Some of the other advantages are:

  • Reduced security risk
  • Rope access systems are dismantled at the end of each day and there is no risk associated with unattended access equipment and materials
  • Dramatically reduces time-related charges
  • Rope access systems require minimal installation and dismantling time
  • Eliminates mechanical damage to protective coatings
  • Rope access activities do not cause any mechanical damage to the coatings of inspected structures
  • Drastically reduces labor cost
  • The cost of performing visual inspection and Non-Destructive Testing by rope access can be lowered drastically by up to 90%.



«Alpin.KZ» LLP specialists  before the work commencement will hold a detailed cost calculation of rope access services and develop design assignment to be submitted for customer approval, taking into account the level of complexity of work execution at height. This preliminary analysis will help to eliminate any lack in the process of project implementation and to ensure the proper quality of the result.


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